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A beautiful family story spanning 3 generations

I met Franck a few years ago at a gourmet fair ... and he won me over with his approach: perpetuating the family tradition and producing in an ethical, reasoned and responsible way, an exceptional trout, to the tender and delicate flesh, with a fine and pronounced taste raised in the waters of the torrents of the Pyrenees .

The combination of the fine flesh of trout and the complex power of green pepper is sublime.

My idea :
Make yourself scrambled eggs ... it's very easy ... Place on the serving plate ... place a quenelle of trout rillettes on it ... a little chives ... a toast of bread brioche crumbs .... All you have to do is enjoy the moment !!!

Crumbled trout with green pepper

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  • A suggestion for a starter or tapas to make in the blink of an eye and which will delight your guests :

    Take a baby cucumber or a well washed cucumber stump. Above all, keep the skin!

    Cut it into very small, regular cubes and mix well.

    Take the cookie cutters (diameter 6cm) that you place on each serving plate.

    Put a layer of cucumber. Tamp lightly then place a layer of crumbled trout on top.

    Carefully remove the cookie cutters. It's ready !

    If you don't have cookie cutters, do your best with a teaspoon.

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