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from the kitchen

Jérôme is a flavor hunter...
But above all, Jérôme was "born a cook"

At the age of 6, on Thursdays (the day without school "before"), he prepares chocolate cakes, pancakes and apple pies, before moving on to the world of savory at the age of 8: blanquettes, roast chickens... Before "fall" into chicken with crayfish, family Bresse obliges!

His first dish who marked him? "Flan with paprika, zucchini and tomato cream with chives".

The first gourmet encounter that marked him? Michel Oliver, in his Bistro on rue de Lille and the discovery (a novelty at the time) of sea bream carpaccio.

But Jerome will follow the paternal directive "Do a real job"! Cooking will remain a daily hobby and the occasion of many moments of sharing with his family, his friends, as well as the construction of the palace of his children.

After 20 years in Operations and Consulting, he decided to take the path of his gourmet passion.


This is how CONFIDENCES DE PAPILLES became obvious!

A confidential lunch or dinner experience that connects enthusiasts of all kinds...


Passionate about terroirs, passionate about cooking, passionate about delicacies... All while creating emotion long before dinner, when he imagines his menu.

Each meeting inspires him with an idea, an emotion or even a desire that he hastens to stage with an unexpected and always in relief cuisine that he loves to introduce to his guests.

Jérôme, his thing is to share his passion, to exchange, but also to surprise!

"To give is to receive, to please. It is to enjoy yourself".

Ecoutez l'interview de Jérôme dans "Autodidactes", le podcast qui met en lumière celles et ceux qui réussissent des choses incroyables sans être passé.e.s par la case études ou bien en ayant fait des études complètement à l'opposé de ce qu'ils font aujourd'hui. 

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