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The grocery store

Jérome's nuggets... or the story of a flavor hunter.

Jérôme has always been a flavor hunter. 


"During my travels, in France or abroad, I have always loved going in search of hidden products, developed by a local producer, a passionate craftsman... And faire life encounters. Then, my friends who were tasting asked me how to get some. I ended up creating a circle of amateurs.


"Today I would like you to discover these products that I love, that I find quite exceptional and which are the result of an encounter... With a few fundamentals: few products, developed by people who correspond to me and who give me a gustatory pleasure that I want to share with you. All this while respecting the production rate of the Artisan and the seasonality of the raw materials.


These products, already offered   to the guests of Confidences de Papilles, can now be purchased online in "click and collect" as a first step.


To your baskets!

Produts de l'épicerie
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