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The concept

 A Chef welcomes you to his home! 

Private and exclusive dinners, lunches

CONFIDENCES DE PAPILLES is a concept of Confidential and Exclusive Gastronomy which offers, upon reservation, private lunches and dinners as well as a Sunday Brunch.

The surprise is total: you will discover the menu when you arrive!

Chef Jérôme Courtois-Suffit, a passionate autodidact since childhood and coming from the very serious world of Consulting, welcomes you to his private apartment, at the gates of Paris, in Neuilly-sur-Seine, a stone's throw from Porte Maillot.

Jérôme makes you discover his passion for cooking.

He imagines and designs gastronomic menus inspired by his gourmet imagination, his desire for creativity and his almost daily to the markets, to  for new ideas and beautiful products and meet his suppliers with whom he likes to build a relationship. human relation.


Over the seasons, the Chef takes you on a journey in this exclusive concept.

CONFIDENCES DE PAPILLES has found a confidential Parisian address where businessmen or women, friends and families can share an exclusive and discreet Gastronomic Experience.

We feel good at Jérôme Courtois-Suffit! There is a mixture of Surprise, Magic and Benevolent Complicity.

He receives you in front of his kitchen on the marble bar or on a table set up in the dining room of the apartment.

The Sunday Brunch is also on the Chef's menu!

Not to mention the Private Cellar with a nice collection of wine references as well as the online Chef's Delicatessen to satisfy your taste buds by offering a sharp selection of exceptional products selected by Jérôme. 

A small Parisian balcony allows you to escape if you wish...


​"be a transmitter of tastes and a sharer of passion", such is the motto of the passionate Chef, always hungry for new things.

HER PASSION: welcoming you, surprising you and taking you on a gourmet journey!

Maximum: 6 people on reservation

Ecoutez l'interview de Jérôme dans "Autodidactes", le podcast qui met en lumière celles et ceux qui réussissent des choses incroyables sans être passé.e.s par la case études ou bien en ayant fait des études complètement à l'opposé de ce qu'ils font aujourd'hui. 

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