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For the holiday season, I imagined a SUPERB GOURMET BOX  in which I have grouped the fundamental products that appear in my kitchen and  in my grocery store.


In this elegant red box, you will find:


  • Epicure Olive Oil 

Provenance Andalusia - Direct Producer  (Cont: 250 ml)


This exceptional oil from Andalusia with a green color and golden reflections reveals an avalanche of aromas of apple and ripe green olive as well as a delicate taste of  fresh cut grass and fresh almonds.


  • Tuna Belly in Olive Oil

Provenance Spain - Net weight: 72gr


The belly  is the tastiest and most chewy part of tuna. The fillets, with an ivory hue, literally melt in your mouth. The product is almost self-sufficient


  • Terrine of a Meilleur Ouvrier de France

Origin  France / Lyon - Net weight: 180gr


Joseph Viola is MOF 2004 and is at the head of several Lyon corks of recognized reputation. He is passionate about his region.
For its "remote" customers,  he made some terrines  gourmet, with an authentic taste.  According to the boxes, it will be country, deer or poultry liver.


  • Fleur de sel from Ile de Ré

Origin  France / Ile de Ré - Net weight: 125gr


The diamond of the sea!  A real rendezvous, a meeting with Cyril who brought the salt marsh of his grandfather Ernest back to life… We are passionate about the same philosophy.


  • Espelette Pepper Powder

Provenance France / Espelette - Net weight: 125gr


The red spice of the Basque Country! To consume without moderation !

I have a real passion for this spice which combines depth and power without obscuring the products with which it is associated.  It is always at hand.

2021 Christmas Gourmet Box

VAT Included |
  • To assist you in your discovery of these products, you will also find:

    An easy and tasty recipe in which you can combine most of these products and dazzle your guests !!!

    I hope to have the pleasure to titillate your curiosity with these products' hunted over my travels

  • Dimensions:

    • Length: 33 cm
    • Width: 23cm
    • Height: 10cm
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