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 Salade de fruits santé

Impossible for me to present you a fixed Brunch menu, so much inspiration plays a big role in my life of gourmet creation.
Here is the description of the last Brunch that I concocted:




Pastrami like in Brooklyn


Graubünden Meat Cannelloni with Avocado Cream


The Fried Egg "Souvenir de Bernard Loiseau"


Taleggio & Roasted Artichokes, Thai Basil & Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper


Chocolate Cream, Clementine Supremes with Spices


Semolina cream with truffle Roasted pears with spices and lime



Home-baked bread & pastries

Minute ground coffee

Teas selected



The discovery of the moment:

Fresh organic juices from Pierre-Yves: strawberry-vanilla / strawberry-apple

65 euros per person


From 2 to 6 people



Supplements :

Glass of Champagne/Glass of Wine: 9 euros

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