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A beautiful story of meeting .... One more you might say !!!


It was during a stay in the Canaries that I discovered this exceptional olive oil 'raised' by Sara and her family under the Andalusian sun, in Priego de Cordoba, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.


This exceptional oil with a green color with golden reflections reveals an avalanche of aromas of apple and ripe green olive as well as a delicate taste of  fresh cut grass and fresh almonds.


In the end, you will find fine bitter notes as well as the pleasant spiciness of white pepper.


A subtle successful balance between finesse, generosity and power !! !

EPICURE - Exceptional Olive Oil

VAT Included |
  • One of the simplest but most magical associations!

    Take a very ripe and well washed tomato… Rub it as on a grater and collect the pulp.

    Add fleur de sel, Espelette pepper and mix well.

    Add olive oil to your liking.

    Arrange on a slice of excellent toast and indulge yourself!

    A tip: Only toast the bread on one side so that it keeps a part of the softness.

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